eGret eNewsletter

eGret eNewsletter

NYC Audubon's eGret eNewsletter, sent twice a month, is an easy and environmentally friendly way to stay informed about current conservation issues in New York City, and also learn about birding and conservation-related events that might interest you.  

In addition to The eGret, you may want to sign up to occasionally receive more specific emails—including programming reminders (so you don't miss one of our lectures) or upcoming trips and classes announcements. We understand that many today are overwhelmed by the amount of email they receive, and will do our best not to abuse the privilege of having you on our email list! Please let us know what kind of emails you'd like to receive, below. Sign up for our eGret eNewsletter below, and follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

Interested in how you can be a voice for the birds of New York City? Consider also becoming an Avian Advocate and joining our action alerts email list[/a]. 

Please note that NYC Audubon never sells or shares email or contact information with anyone for any reason. 


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