Frequently asked questions

Is NYC Audubon the same organization as the National Audubon Society?

New York City Audubon is an independent non-profit organization. We affiliate with and often collaborate with Audubon New York and the National Audubon Society, but we are a separate entity from these organizations.

How do I get started as a beginning birder?

Our Birding Resources page is a great place to start! Our Birding 101 page provides helpful information to get you started, while our Birding in NYC section guides through over 100 parks and highlights the many birds you can find within them. Beginners are welcome on any NYC Audubon bird walk, but we do offer beginner-specific walks throughout the year. Check out our Events and Birding page and browse through and sign up for a program. 

What binoculars should I buy?

Please visit our Birding 101 page for binocular basics. For more information and reviews of binoculars, see this very thorough Cornell Lab of Ornithology run-down of binoculars or this excellent birding binoculars guide created by B&H Photo Video with input from many experienced birders in the NYC birding community and across the country.

What do I do if I find a dead or injured bird?

Finding a dead or injured bird is far too common an occurrence in our city. Most dead and injured birds found are victims of building collisions. Through Project Safe Flight research, we estimate between 90,000 to 230,000 birds collide with buildings in our city each year. If you find a dead or injured bird, please report it to our crowd-sourced bird mortality and injury database at If you find an injured bird, please visit our Found an Injured Bird page to learn what you can do to help the bird.

Does NYC Audubon rehabilitate birds?

NYC Audubon does not operate a rehabilitation facility and does not employ rehabbers. We work closely with partners such as the Wild Bird Fund and The Raptor Trust to get professional birds found by others the care they need. If you find an injured bird that needs professional rehabilitation, please visit our Found an Injured Bird page to learn what you can do to help the bird.

I need to find a new home for my pet bird, do you take pet birds?

We do not take in live birds of any kind. Please contact a pet bird rescue organization such as the Long Island Parrot Society for information on how finding a home for your pet bird. 

What is the difference between a donation and a membership contribution?

A donation contribution supports our organization’s mission of protecting birds and their habitats in the city’s five boroughs. A membership contribution supports these exact same efforts as well, but also provides you with benefits depending on your membership level, including a subscription to our quarterly publication The Urban Audubon, a 30% discount on most trips and classes, invitations to free members-only events, and more. View [a href = "member benefits"]benefits for each level of NYC Audubon membership[/a] here. 

How do I check the status of my membership?

NYC Audubon can check the status of their membership through our NeonCRM membership portal. If you have already created a username and password, log in to our membership portal here. If you are a NYC Audubon member and have not created an account yet, please visit this page and enter the email you used when creating your NYC Audubon membership. After submitting, you will be sent an email with instructions on how to set up your login for your account. For further questions related to membership, contact 

Where is my tote bag/calendar?

NYC Audubon does not offer tote bags or calendars as membership premiums. Please contact the National Audubon Society’s membership team at for questions about their membership premiums. NYC Audubon is an independent bird conservation organization affiliated with the national organization as an urban chapter.